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Welcome! My name is Marley — I am a writer, editor, storyteller, and curator of all things written.

I'm a firm believer that an adventure is only as good as the stories you come back with — but sometimes, we need a little help drawing those stories out. That's why I'm here! I harness our most powerful tool, words, to architect your unique reality in a way that becomes shareable with others. Give my portfolio a peek and let's create together.

When I’m not writing, you can likely find me tucked somewhere in the Rocky Mountains or roaming the high desert alongside my pup, Takoda.



Working directly with Marley is an absolute joy. Her infectious personality spills into her work in the form of a distinct writing voice. She writes with color and sticks close to the important facts and details when telling a story. Marley’s professionalism is always on display and is part of a rare set of intangibles that make her a great journalist and an even better team member.
— Anthony Bowe, National Business Media
I really enjoyed Marley’s interview process — her approach was conversational and organic, she asked well-crafted questions, and she even visited me in my home, making the interview very comfortable and genuine. I was really happy with the resulting article and felt like she did a great job representing me as a person and a creative.
— Joe Friend, Joe Friend Photography
When you work for two monthly magazines with constant looming deadlines — you need an A-team. I have the privilege of working with Marley, who is part of that critical network of contributors that have transformed Boulder Lifestyle and Cherry Creek Lifestyle. Beyond Marley’s captivating writing, for the last two years, she has provided the publications with fresh ideas, up-and-coming concepts and forward-thinking views of how to create compelling content. Marley has taken the freelance writer role beyond expectations, and I’m thankful to work with such a talented creative and friendly colleague.
— Dana Lapinel, Lifestyle Publications
Marley was the perfect balance of being punctual yet flexible, and personable yet professional. And, her writing style was second to none.
— Travis Albright, Future Arts Foundation

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